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Long Range!!!

Shoot from 100M up to 1 MILE at Steel Silhouettes and Steel Gong Targets.  

100, 200, and 300 Yard Paper Targets for sighting in your rife. 

Pistol and 3Gun Bays

The Garrison Shooting Range has three 75 Yard Bays with a full range of targets including Flyers, Pepper Poppers, and Action Targets.

Full Array of Barricades including a vehicle to shoot from, under, or over, Fences, and Portals.

Practice 3Gun, Defensive, Practical Pistol and Carbine on a wide variety of steel and cardboard targets.

Change the Way You Train

Garrison will change the way your teams train!

Garrison has a broad array of targets that can be setup in its 3 shooting bays that are both challenging and fun:

· Pepper Poppers

· Texas Star

· Steel Hostage Targets

· Both Steel and Cardboard IPSC silhouettes

· 22 Cardboard target stands, and 

Garrison’s tactical and precision long range bays have:

· Steel Plates from 100 meters to 1600 Meters,

· Reactive Hostage and Mogadishu targets at any range needed, and

· Paper targets for 100 meter, and 200 meter zeroing.

Garrison also supports real-world scenarios where the targets may be setup in hard to find situations such as being partially obfuscated by natural and man-made debris.

Garrison also provides real-world experience simulations allowing your team to create a full shoot house to include:

· Walls can be setup in virtually any configuration to simulate a 8000sq ft home or building,

· Doors that allow shotgun, ram, and explosive breach training, and 

· Beds and closets that simulate hiding places that must be cleared. 


Range Weather

Event Liability Waivers

Please complete the Liability Waiver before the event.  Email the signed copies to Ben@garrisonnv.com.

Garrison Event Liability Waiver (pdf)


Garrison Products

New products are coming soon!

Training and Gear

Precision Long Range Training

Take your long range shooting skills to the next level.  Learn from a former Chief of the Navy SEAL sniper school and holder of the World Record 2.64 Mile hit on a 1 meter target.

Intro to Emergency Medicine

Introduction to Emergency Medicine

 This class was developed for the every day civilian who wants to be  prepared for a critical incident that may occur at anytime. This class  will cover severe bleeding, gunshot wounds, blast injuries and other  injuries common to active shooter incidents or terrorist attacks. Though  this class is only one day in length, it is mainly a hands-on course to  reinforce life-saving skills needed in today’s world. 

CCW Certification Training

Concealed Carry CCW


Tactical Equipment

Axelson Tactical

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40 27'18.5"N 118 21'21.5"W

27295 Garrison Range Road

Lovelock, NV 89419

The Garrison is an Invitation Only Facility. 

Mike Marty - mike@garrisonnv.com

Ben Parker - ben@garrisonnv.com

2727295 Garrson Range Road, Lovelock

Safety and Fire Prevention

Preventing Lead Migration and Pollution Mitigation

Garrison Lead Pollution Prevention

Environmental safety is extremely important to Garrison.  In an effort to be stewards of the land Garrison actively monitors and manages lead pollution caused by shooting.

1. pH levels are monitored quarterly to maintain a pH between 6.5 and 8.5.

2. Lime and Phosphate will be spread in the berms to maintain a pH to minimize the migration of lead in the soil.

3. Runoff from rainwater within the berms is prevented by the design of the berms as they capture rainwater.

4. Annually each berm will be sifted to collect bullets caught in the berms.  The bullets will be contained in 5 Gallon buckets and taken to a Licensed Lead Recycling center.

Fire Prevention


  • Fire Extinguishers – Located at every shooting bay and storage areas, and Garrison Vehicle.
  • Shoot on quality steel targets – Garrison uses targets that are designed to minimize risks to both the shooter and the environment.  The flat target surface with no exposed clamps or brackets allows for a  predictable bullet splatter, and the 30 degree angle of the target  plate forces bullet fragments down toward the feet of the target.  
  • All Garrison targets placed on dirt or gravel  – Garrison ensures all target berms are free of vegetation.  
  • Don’t shoot with steel core ammo –  Ammo that contains a steel core will spark when it hits a rock or a  steel target. To avoid any chance of sparking, do not use steel  ammunition.
  • Never shoot exploding targets –  Binary exploding targets made of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder  (commonly known as Tannerite when combined).  Never use  exploding targets in flammable areas. 
  • Don’t use incendiary or tracer ammo  – Incendiary and tracer ammo are not allowed on Garrison.  
  • Park your vehicle away from dry grass and only on Garrison designated parking areas – Fires are easily started by vehicles parked over grass. 

  • Tracers and Incendiary projectiles  are not allowed at Garrison.  The RSO will confiscate tracer or incendiary ammunition and ask the shooter to leave the range.

 If you see smoke alert the RSO immediately. 

No Steel Core Bullets

No Steel Core Bullets

1. Steel core can cause sparks when striking targets and can start fires.   2. Steel core is more likely to ricochet.   3. An errant shot has more berm penetrating capability.  

4.  Steel core projectiles cause damage to steel targets.  As the surface of a steel target gets pitted, its ability to safely spall a bullet decreases and the chances of unsafe  ricochet or splash back increases.

If it suspected that Steel Core bullets are being used on the facility a RSO may test the bullets with a magnet.  Steel bullets will be confiscated and the shooter will be asked to leave the range.

Range Safety

Garrison staff are trained Range Safety Officers.  At all times an RSO must be on the facility grounds when shooting of any kind is being conducted. 

The RSO will conduct a safety briefing before any shooting activities begin.

Always follow the simple rules:

 1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. 

 Ceasefires are used whenever all shooting must stop,  whether it is because time’s up or because a potential problem has arisen. Anyone on the range may call for CEASE fire.  


During a ceasefire, there should be no handling of firearms. The key things to remember are:

1. Chamber is empty and ammunition source (magazine) is removed.

2.  Action is open.

3. Hands off!

4. Step away from the firing line.

All shooters must follow the orders of the RSO.  Shooters who fail to comply with the orders of the RSO will be asked to leave the range immediately.